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Macaroni Macaroni

Eat. Drink. Have good time and... exit! 

Gala persoanelor cu dizabilitati Gala persoanelor cu dizabilitati

Promoting abilities for people with disabilities.

Samusocial Samusocial

Homeless people don t disappear, they just transform

Home Inclusive Home Inclusive

Anything can be smartly configurated

Grand Papa Grand Papa

Pretzels softened with wine, freshened up with humor for the launch of the year (Piata, 2013)

Bistro Raw Vegan Bistro Raw Vegan

A raw foodist is a merry ascetic or a sad epicurean?

Tremend Tremend

Method of development explained.

Carpatica Bank Carpatica Bank

The anti-stress formula in finance is re-financing

Tohani label design Tohani label design

Red wine to make your date fall for you!

Bavarian Wurst Bavarian Wurst

When German hospitality comes in the right truck.

Lovin Lovin

This wine bar is a must-love.

Chipscuit Chipscuit

The shortest brief we ever had to solve: “what is a chipscuit?”

Ersa Atelier Ersa Atelier

Haute couture brides of Romania.

Travel Mood Travel Mood

When dreams come true … by moods.

Poieni Poieni

Back to the magic meadow.

Green Fingers Green Fingers

The business idea we probably fancy the most.

Osmyum Osmyum


Godot Cafe Theatre Godot Cafe Theatre

Godot must wait!

Hub11 Hub11

The indie advertising hub.

Sushi Garden Sushi Garden

Creating a truly immersive experience.