Meka Creative Space, an independent multidisciplinar studio founded in Bucharest by a bunch of people with many years, campaigns and prizes won for biggest agencies in Romania. You can see us also as a merger between advertising, graphic&web design and branding. We developed a creative open space as headquarter for various projects, involving art directors, copywriters, illustrators, architects, actors, photographers and animators, software developers specialized in frontend and backend services. We deliver complete communication services by using different types of expertise from our people, accessing our creative resources for every project's needs. Meka people bring a lot of significant and reliable advertising expertise. As senior creatives with solid reputation in industry, they can manage their own projects but working with Meka is a nice priority for them (and for us, too).


Our lives that we lived are just a collection of memories; we usually keep in our minds just a few of them. Memories that moved us in a particular way; that dared to enter and succeeded to remain there, in these hardly accessible zones of our brains. Those kinds of memories that unveil the masks of social conveniences we want to do when make advertising campaigns. Advertising that people talk about, advertising you enjoy every time you see it, laughing and remembering the first time in our living times, stories have short legs, losing their magic, their intensity. People are overexposed more than ever to movies-series-events-networking-social-media and become immune to inconsistent, meaningless messages. They need more to feel more.

That's the reason we intend to do unexpected advertising – unexpected ideas, executions and productions – and we believe that's the way to enter into the collective memory of our contemporary-smart audience.

In a local industry still shaken by crisis chills, brave until the figures and flat in the very moments when it's meant to be brave, we want to make a step forward. Anytime, under any circumstances, creativity stands alone.


  • Radu TINC
  • Associate Creative Director
  • Is the Yin in Studio Meka, is pretty much grounded in and by his work. The creative way. His experience includes advertising campaigns like - Samu Social, Western Union, Martini, Bergenbier, Astra Asigurari, Banca Comerciala Carpatica. He is also a fan of branding communication and to prove this you can always visit Nobilis (class),Godot Cafe Teatru, or, if you are a spy, The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    And because he is not a selfish person, Radu also worked with McCannErickson for Connex (Vodafone), Coca-Cola, Bergenbier, Heineken, Beck's, Golden Brau, Sprite, MTV, Stella Artois(ok, he likes beer like the next man), Fanta, Rama, Nescafe, Burn. Radu is a passionate collectioner: Silver for an MTV print at the Epica Awards. Golden Watch for a Sprite Campaign at the Golden Drum Awards.Silver and Bronze Stick for a Beck print. You think this is invented? Read on - Best campaign for MTV Sprite in New York, Best Poster for Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs @ AD Print (ok, maybe this one was fixed) but the Best Campaign for MTV Sprite at the Golden Hammer Awards was for real. And so is
    The soul of Meka.

  • Dinu PANESCU
  • Creative Consultant
  • Dinu is currently a Creative Director and Partner at The HUB & Partners – the first consumer engagement enterprise in Romania. Previosuly he’s worked as a Creative Director at Propaganda Creative Services, and as a Group Creative Director for McCann Erickson. There he's managed McCann’s international clients Bite Lithuania and Bite Latvia, and Kandia Dulce before that (Rom, Kandia, Magura - confectionery), L’Oréal Paris (L’Oréal, Elsève, Maybelline, Garnier), Vodafone Business, certain Vodafone Consumer projects, and the Tnuva account along with all the corresponding dairy brands.

    With around 15 years of advertising experience, Dinu is an occasional speaker at Marcom conferences and university seminars, member of international juries, such as the 2012 Cannes Lions Direct Jury. There he’s also won 12 Cannes Lions, including two Grand Prix and one Titanium. Complete list here - https://www.behance.net/dinupanescu.

    Oh, and he’s crazy about Nutella.

  • Daniel POPOA
  • actor turned director turned writer turned copy. He chose acting so he can experience feelings, things, phenomenons that otherwisewon’t fit in one’s life. Not even to a vampire. Due to global warming, genetically enhanced garlic made in China, plastic, too much fat, corn syrup, etc. He played mainstream and independent, national and international, in romanian and english. He lived, worked or found love in Bucharest, Cairo, Berlin, Bogota, Sofia, Antwerpen, Bogota, Wien, Amsterdam, New York, London, Paris. In the meantime, besides acting in various short and feature films, he was Local Project Manager for Blog The Theatre Festival, Founder of Doctor's Studio, Artistic Director of the 1st Edition of the National Independent Theatre Festival. His latest personal project is a documentary, IN DEBT WE ART - well, more like a talkumentary but still, a doc. He decided to give the "copy" within, a shot. While preparing for a Master's Degree in Career Counseling. But if he wants to be a Jedi, he can always press 2.

  • Inessa POSTICA
  • Account Manager
  • Maybe the smartest of us all, has a Master's Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor's Degree in Economy and Business Management from L'Universite d'Orleans and a Bachelor's Degree in Economy and International Relations, from The Academy of Economic Studies, Chisinau. Made her debut working as a PR for the Romanian Contemporary Jewelry Association. Maybe due to the fact that creating jewelry is one her hobbies. She also worked as a Showroom Manager – PR and exhibitions included, for Artelier Lorina and it's Lorina Jewels Brand. Inessa was part of the general management, associate at Fashion Texmetria, and after that she worked as an Account Manager for Propaganda, dealing with clients like: Napolact, Fortuna, Maggi, Penny, MDM Legal. But enough about Inessa. Let's talk more about Inessa. She cooks like a pro, bikes the same, enjoys meeting new people, empathic to the sky and back, sociable and yes, with a great sense of humor, that comes probably from the three languages she speaks. Inessa has that rare ability of opening any door, or mind.